Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ice Castle.

As promised, here's the contest prize. Incidentally given the very high standard and number of entries I've decided to give one spinning and one non-spinning prize. Spinners will win the batts, non spinners win a skein of Angels & Elephants hand-dyed 100% Shetland sock yarn, to knit socks or a scarf to keep you warm in all that snow and ice.

Spinning Fishwife's recipe for Ice Castle. (Makes 50g approx.)

1) Take a field of perfect untrodden fallen snow. (Finest white merino tops.)

2) Add a sprinkling of snowflakes (white angora from a rabbit called Snowball) and two pinches of midnight starlight. (Sapphire Angelina fibre)

3) Blend smoothly with the frost flowers of deepest winter (white mulberry silk tops) and icicles gathered from frozen mountain waterfalls. (Indigo dyed silk tops.)

4) Draft and spin to taste.

It should spin very evenly into a nice drapey soft yarn with all that silk, with a few neps for texture from the angora and a very subtle bit of sparkle from the Angelina fibre. Very easy to spin though. And the batts are as soft as kitten fur, belive me.

There's still time to put an entry into the contest. The contest closes at midnight (GMT) tonight, and Princess Mairi and I will choose the winners tomorrow.


glittrgirl said...

O.M.G. That is GORGEOUS!

Gorgeous I tell you.

yvette said...

ooh that is soooo pretty.

Rosie said...

that really is enchanting. I can't believe that you know the name of the rabbit.