Saturday, November 03, 2007

Crafty Saturday.

Dad and Lad have gone to a wargames show, so us Girls (that's my just-turned-six year old daughter Mairi and me) have decided to have a crafty day in.

Lately Mairi has developed an interest in bits of fabric..she cuts these up into ponchos and capes and such, with bits of ribbon to tie them on. So far so good. However she's quite aware that there's more to it than that, so yesterday she nagged me into giving her a needle and thread.

First attempt...a pouch for her button collection. (I sewed on the button.)

Second attempt. I found this scrap of fabric in the Scrap Store and she decided she wanted to make a bag from it. There was much discussion about the design (I wanted her to hem the edges and turn the seams but she said it was HER bag, lol) and then she did 90% of the stitching and 100% of the design, including finding the buttons and bow in her bits box. Looks pretty good, no?

Bits Box? I was round visiting thereyougothen (who is recovering from her op) last week. On hearing Mairi was starting to show early signs of stash building, she donated this lovely (but sadly empty!) chocolate box. Every stash has to have a chocolate box, no?

Anyway, I have to admit I'm thrilled at this sudden blossoming of interest in fabric from my daughter. She gets the genes from both sides...admittedly I'm the first fanatical crafter in living memory on my side of the family, but her paternal great-granny was a professional seamstress in the costume department of the Kings Theatre in Edinburgh, and Hubby's mother was a superb seamstress too. I've got some of their stashes, come to think of it, rescued from clearing out my late SIL's house.. The sequinned cuff sections in the stash box came from one of them. I'm sure they'd be very pleased to see their great/grand-daughter following in their footsteps!

What have I been doing? NaKniSweMo, of problem!


(Might have had a few gauge issues though....)

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yvette said...

Its never too soon to start stash building, cute sweater too!