Thursday, November 22, 2007


Rosie? Where are you, Rosie???

Because I need your address before I can send you your competition prize. I've tried emailing and leaving you a comment. No joy. I do hope you're well? any of our mutual SkipNorth friends have her address? Would you mind passing it on? (Given that you've met me so are reassured to a point I'm not a mad axe murderer etc.) I'm quite determined she's going to get this yarn, whether she wants it or not!


Liz said...

I've mailed you :-;

alke said...

so the stick your avatar is carrying is actually NOT an axe??

well, I like you anyway. Happy thanksgiving!

Rosie said...

OOps, sorry! I've just emailed you! I've never been the subject of a missing person's inquiry before (blushes deepest red) and I am truly thrilled to have won such a lovely prize.