Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Typical Tuesday.

Get up at 7am, feed cats, make cup of tea (note order of this!) wake kids, sort out breakfast, pack schoolbags, sit at computer to drink tea, yell at kids to get washed/dressed/ready for school, answer phone to mother, get myself washed, dressed and ready to go out, take kids to school for 9am.(Because Tuesday is Trombone Day.)

Come home, check email, sort dirty laundry, start first load of washing, make beds, do very fast clear up round house for more laundry, dirty cups etc, grab spinning wheel and spinning bag and get to spinning group by 10am.

Leave spinning at noon, go to supermarket/recycling/other errands (today was a pile of toys taken to charity shop) Go home, put groceries away, do more laundry, clean out car, bring in rubbish bins, sort out recycling boxes. Have lunch. Feed cats. Go to collect child B from school (with friend), hang around local swingpark till child A comes out of school too (with trombone.) Go home, make snacks, tidy up, do more laundry. Sit in front of computer for a while and ignore noise.

Make tea for kids, start dinner for adults. Small friend of child B goes home. Feed kids, do more laundry, feed cats, write emails, get changed, wait for arrival of Hubby, go out to Fat Class at 7pm.

Come home 9pm, do laundry, pick up mess kids have left, feed Hubby, feed myself, do last load of laundry, remove mouse from jaws of cats and flush down loo, get out school uniform for tomorrow. Sit on sofa, watch telly, knit. Or sit here, read forums, knit. Go to bed at midnight.

Gosh. Don't I live an interesting life? And Tuesday was one of the good days, during which I go out not once but twice to an activity just for me. Thursday, for example, has no activities for me but involves a lot of hoovering. Bah. And there's always laundry.


BabyLongLegs said...

Gah.......thats the problem isn't it....always laundry

My days are always pretty routine too...but I actually do get some kind of comfort from it...if things start to get too "all over the place" I tend to panic a bit...

I'm institutionalised..... *winks*


Sarah xXx

yvette said...

I gave up on laundry about 18months ago, now the boys all have a laundry day each where they are in charge of their own ;0)
They have all taken to wearing odd socks though, but it doesn't annoy me enough to go back to doing it for them.
Apart from that my days are pretty much like yours, apart from the cats, its fun isn't it :)

crafty wee midden said...

hoovering.....hate hate hate it.......what a great descriptive post: I could visualise it like a cartoon strip running through my head!

how many cats?